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Top Five Resources to Help You Get Familiar with SEO  

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If you’re serious about improving your website’s rank in the search engines, you need to be familiar with the basic terms and concepts of SEO. The following resources will help.

1. Learn to Develop SEO-Friendly Themes

Creating an SEO-friendly theme isn’t as difficult as you might think. Whether you build WordPress themes or any other kind of website theme, you should follow these useful SEO tips.

  • 10 Vital Tips for Developing SEO-Friendly Themes
    Kevin Vertommen

2. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Like the title suggests, this tutorial will walk you through the basics of optimizing your site for the search engines, so you’ll learn how to attract with more traffic with this techniques.

  • SEO Basics 101: How to Quickly Optimize Your Website for Search Engines
    Marc Schenker

3. Check and Create Meta Tags for Your Website

Meta tags help search engines understand your site better. In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn about a handy tool that will help you ensure your meta tags are doing their job.

  • How to Check and Generate Meta Tags for Your Website
    Adi Purdila

4. Get More Views Using Videos

Video is booming in popularity. Learn how to get even better results with video marketing in this tutorial loaded with SEO strategies.

  • How to Get More Views: 5 Video SEO Strategies
    Jackson Couse

5. Don’t Forget to Add SEO-Optimized Images

Images can enhance your site’s content and help you convey your message better. Use this tutorial to learn how to optimize your images for SEO.

    From Lightroom to WordPress: How to Create SEO-Optimized Images
    Andrew Childress

Discover More Great Wordpress Themes

Now that you’ve seen some of our best SEO WordPress themes and know our best tips about the SEO world, it’s time to get inspired with more awesome WordPress templates from our collections:

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Posted : 20/03/2022 5:08 pm
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